Clueless about female psychology? Get a dating coach in India.


Clueless about what attracts women? You need a dating coach who will teach you how to present your best self while interacting with women.


scared of girls
Scared of girls?


Ideally your dad, brother, uncle, cousin or friend should be taking you under his wing and become your dating coach. But if that’s not feasible, do not hesitate to hire a professional dating coach.


If you are in India, and looking for a dating coach to learn how to approach and attract women, you can contact the Real Man Academy. They run workshops and boot camps for men over 18 years of age.


If you’re looking for a dating coach in India to learn how to sexually satisfy women in bed, you can contact the Better Lover Seminar. They run workshops and seminars for men over 21 years of age.


Real Man Academy, India

The Real Man Academy is India’s first dating academy, where men learn every step of attracting a woman, from eye contact to sex. Click here for the Real Man Academy web site.


Better Lover Seminar, India

The Better Lover Seminar is a frank seminar on how to sexually satisfy women in bed. It is conducted by a certified sex educator for men over 21 years of age.

Click here for the Better Lover Seminar web site.